Monday, 18 March 2013

About good and bad links

Link building has been a popular seo activity. Most of the SEOs use all methods to ensure more links for optimization purpose. Many of the service providers do not distinguish between good and bad links, but the fact is that such a difference does exist. It would be better to know about this difference so that your website benefits from good links.

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Here is basic thing that you must keep in mind while deciding on good and bad links. Simply put, the links that are solely for seo purposes are usually bad links as search engines will ignore them. Those links showing relevance for the visitors are good links.

Hence, search engines Google and Bing will not take every link as a signal for ranking purpose. The fact of the matter is that these search engines simply ignore many links, which they find bad ones. However, unfortunately the search engines are not going to let the webmasters directly know anything about their bad links. At the same time, most of the search engines do educate us about the links they like as a signal for ranking the concern website.

Generally, search engines have a tendency to ignore paid links. However, paid links are acceptable to search engines but only in limited quantities. You should not over do such links as it may create negative impact for your website as the search engines may penalize such sites. The same applies to other types of links such as links in badges and reciprocal links known also as link trading.

Hence, any links that appear dodgy to the search engines are bad links and you should avoid building them for optimization purpose. Directory links with automatic custom link text for quick inclusion of the page in many directories the search engines mostly ignore then and considered these as bad links.

Anchor text having relevant keywords may not be a link type but search engines take them as good signal for ranking a website if sufficient websites or blogs link to it. Search engines consider such sites relevant.
Links in social media is generally a good link strategy. Google+ is an example that Google gives prominence to the links in social sites. If you have links from your circles on Google+, then these links help in search results. Similarly, Bing also has developed a relationship with Twitter and Facebook, meaning that links in these sites will enhance your visibility on these sites.


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