Saturday, 30 March 2013

Google tools for effective SEO

There are many SEO tools available in the market. No doubt that some of them are really better. But instead of spending dollars on those tools, why not to try Google SEO tools which are equally better and absolutely free. Google provides now few but many SEO tools. Below are some of highly usable and productive of them.

Google Webmaster
Google webmaster is one of the best and my favorite SEO tool. You only need to submit and verify your website address, and it take care of the rest. It shows you how Google crawl and index your website. Just submit your website sitemap, and it will update all the new pages in Google index. Moreover, it also identifies broken links, malware and other issues at your site. Webmaster inform you whenever your site create some problem in Search index. Plus it checks your website speed and let you know why it is slow. What more you want when you get all this for absolutely free?

Google keyword tool

If you are stuck with keyword ideas and doesn’t have any idea what people actually search for on the internet, then Google is here to help you. Google keyword is a great tool for exploring keyword ideas and help you find the best keyword for your audience. You only need to enter the word or phrase in your mind and it will explore the most related keywords to your search. It shows monthly search, local search, competition level and other things with each keywords.

Google Analytic

Keeping eyes at your website traffic and turning visitors into loyal readers is not an easy task. Google makes it little simple for you through Google Analytic. Once you merge Analytic account with your website, it will record all the traffic activities and show you the pattern of visitors comprehensibly. It help you to know which page or part of your website are performing well and what visitors are liking at your website. If you know what your audience are actually looking for, then you can post articles they would like and can turn them from readers to your followers.

Google trends
Google trends tell you the popular terms on search engines. It shows what people are search for now a days. On August 5, 2008 Google launched Google Insight for search, a more sophisticated and advanced display of data. With Google insight, you can search which term(keyword) has gain popularity in which year and place.

Google Plus

Google recently launched G+ as a social media platform to share, collaborate and create together. But it is more than just a social media. You can claim your posted articles through your Google Plus account. It gives you more authority as a writer and your posted articles get more value. Moreover, you can develop a brand through circles and can get high Page-rank backlinks to your website.


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