Monday, 1 April 2013

How to write Effective SEO Friendly Title

Selecting article title is very difficult task, at least for me. That is the first thing which attracts visitors. No matter how beautiful post you have written, people decide to read the article by reading the title first. Be choosy and give time for the selection of article as it is the first impression you make to your readers. Below are some basic but powerful techniques you can use to make the title effective and SEO friendly.

Analyzing keyword
Analyze the keyword you want to target with for the search engines ranking. Though there are many tools available on the internet, I would suggest you to use 2 or 3 of them only. Using many tools for the same thing only eat your time. You can use Google adword keyword tool or traffic travis. Both are good and give your very close result.After opening the Google adword keyword tool, enter the keyword you want to target. From the list, analyze the keyword with more searches and less competition

Include keyword in the title
We use keywords in our articles to make it preferable for the search engine ranking. Same thing happens in case of titles too. Titles also need to be SEO optimized. They also must have keywords in them to let them indexed better in search engine index. Search engines prefer articles that have keyword in their title. So include the keyword you have selected in the article title. Also, don’t forget to make it to the point and curious by nature.

The H1 tag
HTML is not meaningless and SE are proving the same. Search engines use different html tags to optimize pages while indexing. I don’t know why but search engines prefer titles closed with H1 tags. Subtitles with H2 and so on.

Length of title

Search engines may like long articles but this is not true in the case of titles. Though there is no specific magic number, but to keep your title 70 character or less is good. Also don’t forget to include your targeted keyword in the title.

Keep title relevant to content body
Well, if you know the art of attracting visitors through your headlines, then it doesn’t mean that you fool them with titles. Do not become fake with your post titles. Always provide what you have said in the title into the content body. By faking with titles and not keeping relevancy in the content, you will not only loose the trust of readers but search engines also penalize you.


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